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Finished! Woo-hoo!

Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve FINISHED writing the first draft of my new book! Woo-hoo!

First Draft DONE

(In case the word count is confusing, I have a scene after THE END in this document that I’ve now snuggled into the middle of the book where it belongs…)

It’s taken lots of late nights (including five all-nighters, which I don’t recommend!), countless cups of tea and coffee, at least three different notebooks on the go at once and not an awful lot of sleep, but my ninth novel is finally written and I’m chuffed to bits with it.

Of course, there are edits to come – a structural edit, line edit, copyedit and final proof edit – but for now my book is out of my head and onto the page. All the locations are there, the cast and supporting cast (always important in my books) and a central town setting that is as much a character as the protagonists themselves. I hope you’ll be able to not just imagine yourself there but also experience the sights, sounds, scents and tastes of this story.

It’s my most romantic story to date, I think, written from the dual perspectives of Seren MacArthur and Jack Dixon. I’ve adored writing both their worlds and their voices came to me really quickly, which isn’t always the case. I think you’re going to love them, along with their friends and families. And a dog. There might be a dog…

I’m doing a final read-through today and then sending it to my editor at PanMacmillan tomorrow. It feels like the end of a mammoth journey, which has included moving house, being without internet for a month, things breaking and scary bills (who said being a full-time author was glamorous?!). In reality it’s only the first stage in a journey, but I think this is the most important – not to mention the most fun – where I get to tell myself the story first, before anyone else sees it. From the moment I hit send on the email taking it to my editor tomorrow, this story stops being just mine. And that’s okay because it’s one of the beautiful things about writing novels – your first draft is a single splash in a pool that then sends ripples out further than you can ever see.

But I might just hug my manuscript a little tonight, while it’s still just me and the story…

WOOOO-HOOO! My fourth Sunday Times bestseller!

I am over the moon to announce that When I Fall in Love is now officially my fourth Sunday Times bestseller!

When I Fall in Love by Miranda Dickinson

It’s my fourth Sunday Times bestseller, woop!

I received the news today after a nervous week and a half and I’m absolutely chuffed to bits! When I Fall in Love went straight in at number 17 in the Sunday Times Top 20 Bestsellers list (which is just for paperback sales) and my ebook sales are up from last year. It’s simply the best news and I am beyond happy about it!

I would just like to say a mahoooosive thank you to everyone who has bought (or is planning to buy) my book. It means the world to me that the book I’ve worked so hard on during the past year and am so proud of is something people want to read.

There are lots of promotions across the UK and Ireland and online worldwide, so make sure you take advantage of them – I know that Tesco still has a few copies of the special pink-page editions, but they’re selling fast so you’ll have to be quick!

As ever, thank you so, so much for your fantastic support and for making me a very happy author!

Love ya lots

M xxx