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On my blog I like to bring you interviews and guest posts with authors I think you will like. Today I am delighted to welcome RACHAEL FEATHERSTONE to the Coffee & Roses Author Spotlight with a brilliant guest post to celebrate her very first novel, Puzzle Girl, which publishes today! Over to you, Rachael…
Rachael Featherstone author pic
I never knew if this day would actually come. If my dream that had once felt so far away would become a reality. It’s been a long road to get here and I’ve had some amazing support along the way from my agent, publisher and family and friends. So many people ask me, ‘what does it feel like to have your first novel published?’ I answer, ‘Amazing!’ ‘Incredible!’ ‘A dream come true!’ It can be hard to put into words how much goes into publishing your debut. But the closer I came to publication, the more I began to realise that publishing Puzzle Girl has felt a lot like getting married.

It all started with the proposal: Accent popped the question and I said, ‘Yes, yes, yes!’

Puzzle Girl cover
We set the date for the big day – 16th March 2017 – and it felt soooo far away. 15 months to wait! But it was probably a good thing because there were so many things to organise.

What was I most excited about? The wedding dress – aka the cover of the book. I was lucky that Accent’s designer took on board my ideas and I love the finished cover!

So many of us dream about having the perfect wedding, we want everything to be just right. And it was no different with publishing Puzzle Girl. We edited with a fine-toothed comb and planned out everything from the perfect wedding invite (aka the blurb of the book) to the perfect honeymoon (my two-week blog tour).

As for the hen night? Well that was my book launch. We celebrated on 2nd March, the event hosted by my best man – my literary agent, David Headley – at Goldsboro Books. It was such a fun evening and I got to sign copies of the limited edition hardbackwhich is exclusive to Goldsboro.

And of course, there had to be wedding cake!

Goldsboro Puzzle Girl cupcakes

And today the big day is finally here. My husband and I (my actual husband, not the book!) are having a celebratory lunch. Then this evening we invite all of you to join in for the publication day reception party on Twitter! There will be several Puzzle Girl party bags to be won as well as an hour and a half of Twitter chatter. I hope you can join us! x

Puzzle Girl Twitter Party Invite

Thanks so much to Rachael for a fantastic guest post – and happy P-Day!

Rachael lives in Hampshire with her husband Tim. Puzzle Girl is out today, published by Accent Press. You can follow Rachael on Twitter, on Facebook and visit her website.

Here’s the blurb of Puzzle Girl:

Clued-up career girl Cassy Brookes has life under control until one disastrous morning changes everything. When she finds herself stuck in a doctor’s surgery, a cryptic message left in a crossword magazine sends her on a search to find the mysterious ‘puzzle-man’ behind it. Cassy is soon torn between tracking down her elusive dream guy, and outwitting her nightmare workmate, the devious Martin. Facing a puzzling love life, will she ever be able to fit the pieces together and discover the truth behind this enigmatic man?

You can buy Rachael’s book in ebookpaperback and limited edition hardback.

HERE IT IS! The cover for Searching for a Silver Lining!

I have been impatiently waiting to share the cover of my new book, Searching for a Silver Lining, with you… And finally, I can reveal it!

Drumroll, please…


SfaSL FINAL COVERadore it – and I hope you do, too. All the silver grey you see in the picture above will be gorgeous, sparkly silver foil – including the tiny stars. I can’t wait to share my eighth novel with you! It will be published on 20th October 2016 and we’re planning all kinds of exciting things around the time of the launch, so keep watching my website, twitter and Facebook for all the details.

You can pre-order Searching for a Silver Lining NOW in both paperback and ebook editions. Woo-hoo! xx

Miranda Writes 29 – Overcoming ‘The Fear’…

All this year, I am keeping a video diary about writing and publishing my sixth novel, I’ll Take New York. This week, I have another #getinvolved challenge for Book Seven and talk about facing The Fear as a writer…

I’m getting back to work after a few wonderful months of new-mum-hood and this week have been checking the page proofs for I’ll Take New York – which has been lovely and scary in equal measure. It made me think about The Fear – a phenomenon known only too well to writers. How do you keep writing when the doubts creep in? When the inspiration won’t come and you’re staring at a blank page? In this week’s vlog, I talk about how I tackle The Fear.

Talking of finding inspiration, have YOU booked your ticket for one of my WriteFoxy! Writers’ Inspiration Days in November and February yet? They’re going fast for both dates, so don’t miss your chance to be inspired, fired up and have your love of writing rekindled by an amazing line-up of speakers. All the details are HERE

So, here’s this week’s vlog – enjoy!

p.s. This week’s YouTube-nominated freeze-frame is entitled, ‘Si-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ing!’

Miranda Writes 28 – Meet Jake Steinmann

All this year I am vlogging about the writing and publishing of my sixth novel, I’ll Take New York. This week, I have another exclusive extract for you, plus your next chance to appear in Book 7!

Thank you all so much for your brilliant coffee shop suggestions for my first #getinvolved challenge. It was a tough decision, but I have a winner at last… and I’ll tell you who they are in the vlog!

I thought it was about time I introduced you to Jake Steinmann – Ed’s brother from Fairytale of New YorkI’ll Take New York is written from both his and Bea’s perspectives – I haven’t written anything from two points of view before but as soon as I began to write the book I felt that I wanted to take readers inside Jake’s head as well as Bea’s. Jake is travelling from his home in San Francisco back to his birth city of New York after his beautiful wife Jessica unexpectedly files for divorce. He is reeling from the revelation, having believed they had a perfect marriage, and chooses to return to New York to be close to his family and start his business again. It’s a painful decision, but to stay in San Francisco is unthinkable if he has to live there without Jess…

“He could stay in San Francisco, pretending that life was untouched by his wife’s decision to leave him. But he knew, deep down, that to stay in a city in which every street, sidewalk and brick seemed imprinted with her name would be the end of him. Better to nurse a broken heart on the other side of the country…”

The full extract is in the vlog – hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think…

M xx

p.s. This week’s YouTube-nominated freeze-frame is entitled, “Ee by ‘eck, look at tha’ cap, lass…”


Miranda Writes 25 – hear an EXCLUSIVE extract from I’ll Take New York

All year I’m making vlogs to chart the life of my sixth novel, I’ll Take New York. This week, I have a bit of a treat for you – an exclusive extract from the book!

I’ve been promising to share a sneaky snippet of Bea and Jake’s story with you for some time, so I thought it was about time I did it! Below is just a snippet – but watch the vlog to see much more:

…For as long as she could remember, Bea had dreamed of one day owning her own bookstore.

She had loved books all her life. Real books, not electronic ones. Books you could carry in your bag and read on the subway. Books you could pretend to read in neighbourhood coffee shops while people-watching. Books you could snuggle up with and lose yourself in. Books you could fill your apartment with – packed onto shelves, propping up tables and piled up reassuringly by the side of your bed. If she left home without a book, Bea felt naked, bereft. But then, working in a bookshop meant there were always new friends to make and take home. 

Friends who never let her down. Friends she could trust…

I also answer your questions on my favourite characters and whether I have more stories to tell about them after my books are published. Plus, find out which of my characters will be returning in I’ll Take New York – here’s a clue: one of them comes from another of my novels…

Let me know what you think – I’d love to know if the extract I read in the vlog whets your appetite for more! Or ask me a question for next week… Leave a comment below, tweet me @wurdsmyth or email me at mirandawurdy@gmail.com.

Enjoy! xx



Miranda Writes 22 – plotting, writing advice and Flo!

It’s here, finally! The vlog is back after a brief sabbatical during which I had my lovely baby girl Florence Wren and had to replace my poor old video camera after it finally bit the dust…

So, what’s it like being a full-time writer and full-time mum? Where am I at with work on my sixth novel, I’ll Take New York? I answer these questions in the vlog, together with cracking questions from you on everything from the dialogue and description balance in short stories, how to tighten up a flagging scene (ooh, can be nasty, that…), how I plot my novels, finding a cracking opening scene to what essentials I can’t write without. Oh, and watch out for Flo’s very first vlog cameo!

Let me know what you think! And what would you like me to talk about next week? Leave a comment below or email me at mirandawurdy@gmail.com.


M xx

p.s. This week’s YouTube-nominated freeze-frame is entitled, ‘What’s that coming over the hill…?’

p.s. As this is a new video camera the picture isn’t quite as good as I wanted it to be, but bear with me and I’ll have it fixed for next week.


Take A Look At Me Now – in numbers…

All this week, I’m posting tempting tidbits for my fifth novel, Take A Look At Me Now, which is published this Thursday (24th October). Today, some fascinating facts about the novel – we’re talking numbers, people!


Win an invitation to my book launch!

My fifth novel, Take A Look At Me Now, launches on October 24th and the butterflies are kicking in already! I’m going to announce lots of exciting things over the next couple of weeks in the run-up to P-Day – and to kick things off, I have a brilliant competition!

Take A Look At Me Now by Miranda Dickinso

How would you like to join me in London for my very cool launch? In honour of Nell’s story in Take A Look At Me Now – which sees her blow her redundancy cheque on a trip of a lifetime to San Francisco, the lovely people at Avon have arranged an exclusive, US-diner themed afternoon tea event in the heart of London on Wednesday 23rd October from 5pm.

And I have very special invitations for three lovely people to join me as we celebrate the launch of Take A Look At Me Now! 

You have to be able to get to London for 5pm on Wednesday 23rd October – but when you’re there you’ll receive a first edition copy of my book (a day before it’s available in the shops!), which I’ll happily sign for you, plus the chance to enjoy some amazing food.

To enter all you have to do is email me at mirandawurdy@gmail.com and tell me why you would like to win. Simple! You have until MIDNIGHT on MONDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER to enter – so hurry! Good luck!

p.s You can pre-order Take A Look At Me Now at Kobo, Kindle, Waterstones, The Book Depository and Amazon in both ebook and a truly stunning paperback (glitzy gold sparkles and a soft-touch cover!)

Hippies, Zen and Painted Ladies…

Today has been a day spent hanging out in what will be Nell’s cousin Lizzie’s neighbourhood.

Right from the beginning I knew I wanted Lizzie to live in Haight-Ashbury (or ‘The Haight’ as everyone from there seems to call it.) When Bob and I walked into the neighbourhood made famous by the Summer of Love we weren’t disappointed. It’s a creative, weird, chilled out place where no two stores are the same and most of them have hand painted signs. Several of the shops have brightly coloured murals on the outside and they sell anything and everything, from the shop which only sells hats to a gorgeous indie bookstore called Booksmith (where the owner has hand-written passages from famous books in chalk above the bookshelves), a Himalayan goods store and, of course, the pipe and smoke shops where tobacco isn’t the only item for sale.

Several guide books I’d read prior to visiting had called The Haight ‘a faded shadow of its former self’ and ‘a bit rundown and shabby’, but I couldn’t disagree more. It’s vibrant and quirky and happy to be different from, well, anywhere else, to be honest. I loved it – it’s perfect for my story and the kind of place it will be fun for Nell to visit.

We started our day at Alamo Square, home of the ‘Painted Ladies’ – a row of beautifully painted wooden buildings overlooking a park at the top of one of San Francisco’s many hills. Like many buildings in the city each one is painted a different colour (even the modern buildings follow suit, which makes me wonder if this inspires the laid-back, individual San Franciscan character). The park in the middle of the square rises steeply from the road but gives the best views of San Francisco through the tall cedar and palm trees at its summit. As it was Sunday everyone was out walking their dogs, playing tennis on the courts at the summit or practising baseball with their kids.

After visiting Haight-Ashbury we walked into Golden Gate Park and visited the Japanese Tea Garden. This was the place I had been looking forward to the most and it was lovely, if much smaller than I’d imagined. Although it was busy with Sunday visitors from all over the world, there were still some parts that were still and peaceful. This is where Nell visits with a character I know you’re going to love – but are they just friends or on a date? You’ll have to wait to find out!

More soon… Peace out, dudes! xx

Fish, boats, bridges and chocolate

For our first full day in San Francisco we did the full on tourist thing by having a huge breakfast, queuing at Powell Street depot to catch a classic San Francisco cable car and heading to Fisherman’s Wharf.

The cable car was fab – a little surreal after having seen them in films and tv programmes for years but great fun. The blokes who work on the cars banter all the way, making everyone smile. When you see just how steep the hills are it’s amazing how these little wooden cars zip up and down them. It’s also amazing how a state as famously litigious as California happily allows people to hang off the sides of the cable cars – Bob and I did it on the way back and it’s scary!

Fisherman’s Wharf was everything a seaside town in England is: a little bit tacky, loud, colourful and fun. What I loved immediately about it was the music – it’s all over San Francisco but on every street corner in Fisherman’s Wharf musicians were playing jazz, reggae, terrifyingly enthusiastic rock and roll piano (the lady doing this looked like Madge from Neighbours) and even lift ‘Muzak’ without the lift…

And then there was food. We’re fast learning that music and food are the bedrock of everything in this city and Fisherman’s Wharf is no exception. Clam chowder served in hollowed out bread bowls, hot dogs, ice cream and lots of crabs.

Bob and I bought a CityPass which along with covering all our transport also gives us free entry to attractions. One of these was a boat trip out into the San Francisco Bay, under the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz island. It’s definitely my favourite thing so far. The bridge is a lot smaller than you expect it to be, but gorgeous nevertheless. The view of San Francisco from out in the Bay was stunning, too. I’ll post pics later thus week, hopefully but watch twitter for them, too.

Bob had great fun in the Bay Aquarium, especially loving the jellyfish and, oddly, an Opossum (not swimming, thankfully).

We then walked to the famous Ghirardelli Square – set on the site of a former chocolate and mustard factory that then became an entertainment hub and is now a stylish shopping centre with boutique shops and cafes. It has a great, laid-back vibe and is somewhere Nell is definitely going to visit!

It’s fantastic to be walking streets that my main character in book 5 will be seeing and I definitely needed to come here to understand why so many people are in love with this city. San Francisco is a place very at home in its own skin, fiercely proud of itself and so laid-back that you find yourself walking around with a smile…

More soon!