Miranda Writes 22 – plotting, writing advice and Flo!

It’s here, finally! The vlog is back after a brief sabbatical during which I had my lovely baby girl Florence Wren and had to replace my poor old video camera after it finally bit the dust…

So, what’s it like being a full-time writer and full-time mum? Where am I at with work on my sixth novel, I’ll Take New York? I answer these questions in the vlog, together with cracking questions from you on everything from the dialogue and description balance in short stories, how to tighten up a flagging scene (ooh, can be nasty, that…), how I plot my novels, finding a cracking opening scene to what essentials I can’t write without. Oh, and watch out for Flo’s very first vlog cameo!

Let me know what you think! And what would you like me to talk about next week? Leave a comment below or email me at mirandawurdy@gmail.com.


M xx

p.s. This week’s YouTube-nominated freeze-frame is entitled, ‘What’s that coming over the hill…?’

p.s. As this is a new video camera the picture isn’t quite as good as I wanted it to be, but bear with me and I’ll have it fixed for next week.


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