Miranda Writes 37 – The Importance of Daydreaming

All this year, I’m vlogging about writing and publishing my seventh novel, A Parcel For Anna Browne. This week, why being a daydreamer is crucial if you’re a writer and I answer more of your lovely questions!

At school, all of my reports said I would do better if I ‘did less daydreaming’. But today I’m proud to daydream for a living… In this week’s vlog I’ll explain why I think you have to be a daydreamer if you want to write and why, right now, I’m in my ‘daydreaming stage’.

Also this week, I have fantastic questions on the influence of childhood on my writing (from Simona Elena of Sky’s Book Corner blog) and my first three steps to writing a novel (from Katie Marsh). If you would like to ask me a question, leave a comment below this vlog, email me at: mirandawurdy@gmail.com, tweet me @wurdsmyth, or visit my author page on Facebook


p.s. This week’s YouTube-inspired freeze-frame is entitled, ‘The Chin Rub of Thoughtfulness…’

2 responses to “Miranda Writes 37 – The Importance of Daydreaming

  1. Hi Miranda
    Loved the vlog. I have a question which is how do you not base a character on someone you know as I have lots of ideas of things that have happened but how do I take away the actual person whilst keeping the character? Hope this makes sense x x

  2. Hello my lovely sorry this question is long winded! I have recently been looking back at my older reviews and I see how much my reviews have changes and there are so many things now I would add or change, have you read over your earlier books and seen anything that you would change or are they all still perfect book babies. xXx

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