Miranda Writes 36 – finding the right name and title

All this year, I’m vlogging about writing and publishing my seventh novel, A Parcel For Anna Browne. This week, I answer some of your lovely questions!

I’ve had lots of lovely questions sent in since my last vlog and will be answering them over the next few vlogs. So, if your question isn’t answered this week, don’t panic, I’ll get to it soon.

So, this week I’m talking about how to cope with P-Day nerves when your book hits the shelves, character names and titles and how important it is to get the right ones and which of my books I enjoyed writing the most. Questions come from Becca’s Books, Simona Elena and Lauren Riley. Thank you for your questions!


p.s. This week’s YouTube-inspired freeze-frame is entitled, ‘Just a bit woozy ma-a-a-an…’

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