Miranda Writes 24 – Book deals, surprising characters and dream locations

All year I’m making vlogs to chart the life of my sixth novel, I’ll Take New York. This week, after my BIG NEWS has broken, I’ll tell you how I feel about the next three years and answer your great questions about books, writing and publishing.

How should you go about self-publishing and should you choose that option over a traditional route to publishing? Do my characters ever surprise me? And which locations would I like to write about? These fab questions are answered in the vlog. I hope you enjoy it!

Plus – watch out for MY NEW HAT! I thought it was about time I treated myself to a new hat as the last few vlogs have been in somewhat of a Hat Rut….

So what would you like to know about writing, books, publishing, hats or anything else? leave a comment under this post, or email me at: mirandawurdy@gmail.com or tweet me @wurdsmyth. I’d love to answer your questions!

Enjoy! xx

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2 responses to “Miranda Writes 24 – Book deals, surprising characters and dream locations

  1. Diane Brander

    Hi Miranda, I have just started following your blog. I like that you sound so enthusiastic in your Vlog and I hope it will be contagious! 🙂 Good luck with your 6th book. It sounds to me that you are going to be very successful. Although, the very fact you have completed 5 novels suggests you are already successful. It’s also great to see a fellow Brit doing well.

    I hope you don’t see this as an imposition but I was nominated for The Liebster Award on my blog and wanted to pass a nomination onto you. If you would like to see what it’s about, please click below:


  2. Hi Miranda,
    huge congratulations on your new book deal, I’m so pleased for you, very well deserved. I have a question for you: In one of your vlogs last year, someone asked you about plotting and planning your novel. You said that for your sixth book you had planned slightly differently and had plotted in more detail than before. I wondered how well that worked out for you, would you do it again, did you find it easier that way, or did you find it restrictive?
    Cathy x

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