San Francisco – Painted Ladies at Alamo Square

I’m posting a photo (or set of photos) each day, telling you about the location and where you can expect to find it in Book 5! And even though my new book is waiting for its title, you can actually pre-order it here (Waterstones) and here (The Book Depository) – I know, how crazy is that?

Today, I’d like to take you one of my favourite places: Alamo Square.

Alamo Square signSMALL

Set right at the top of one of San Francisco’s many hills, Alamo Square is home to a beautiful park and a row of gorgeous houses, known as The Painted Ladies. It’s also known locally as ‘Postcard Row’ because it’s such a hub for tourists. The houses are so beautiful that no matter where you point your camera you’ll get a perfect picture and Bob and I fell in love with them.

Painted Ladies 1 SMALL

Each house is decorated differently, creating a fabulous pastel confection of colour. This is something we noticed right across the city, even with newer buildings. I wonder if it has something to do with being by the sea – it reminded me very much of Dartmouth in Devon, where the houses are all painted in different colours. Whatever the reason, it gives the whole city a real sense of fun, which I loved.

Painted Ladies 3SMALL

At the centre of the square is a beautiful park and here you can see amazing views of the city – from the TransAmerica Pyramid and the Financial District…

TAP from Alamo SquareSMALL

…to the beautiful dome of City Hall…

City Hall from Alamo SquareSMALL

In Book 5 there is a scene I love set here, where Nell meets a Japanese tourist who believes he is the long-lost brother of a very famous American crooner whose song about San Francisco is famous the world over. I hope you’ll love him when you meet him!

More tomorrow – if you like what you see, leave me a comment! xx

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