San Francisco – Food, glorious food!

I’m posting a photo (or set of photos) each day, telling you about the location and where you can expect to find it in Book 5! And even though my new book is waiting for its title, you can actually pre-order it here (Waterstones) and here (The Book Depository) – I know, how crazy is that?

Food is an enormous part of life in San Francisco. It seemed there were restaurants, cafes and diners on every corner and the choice was endless. Bob, as you can imagine, was in his element, and where I had a list of places I wanted to visit while we were there, Bob had a list of food he wanted to try!


Food also plays a key role in Book 5, as you will discover. So actually, visiting lots of amazing places to eat was really essential research (*innocent face*). And everything has abbreviations, which really amused me. So, for instance, the pancakes above are a ‘Two, Two and Two’: two pancakes (short stack, y’all), two rashers of bacon and two eggs. I also had an ‘SBK’ – a crepe with strawberries, bananas and kiwi fruit. But the best one I came across is below:

OMFG Haight St

Kind of speaks for itself, really!

I found this sign on Haight Street in Haight-Ashbury, which is where Nell will stay during her two month trip to San Francisco and sums up the fab sense of humour I experienced all over San Francisco but especially in this neighbourhood. More on that soon!

Hope you’re enjoying these posts – leave me a comment if you are! See you tomorrow xx

One response to “San Francisco – Food, glorious food!

  1. I so want an OMF! Like now! Mmm! Xxx

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