Could YOU be one of my FUTURE STARS?

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Are you a writer? How would you like the chance to be personally mentored by me for a whole year?

I am thrilled to launch my search for five talented writers who will embark on a year of challenge, scary adventure, huge opportunities and lots of fun!

FUTURE STARS is a one year mentoring programme where my chosen writers will have me on hand as their personal cheerleader, mentor, challenger and (hopefully) inspiration coach. I will work with each writer on their personal writing goals, offer help and advice with their work in progress, provide help with editing, give advice on promotion and social media, and will introduce them to people within the publishing industry to experience first-hand what agents and publishers are looking for. Each writer will receive a 30min phone call from me each month and there will be an exclusive networking group for all five writers and me to chat to and support one another throughout the year. There will also be opportunities to meet up!

What I’m looking for

I’m looking for writers of any genre who are committed to investing a year in their writing. Not only will talent count but also a demonstrable desire to make this year the year when things happen. Because of this, four of the chosen writers will be asked to pay a course fee of £80 (because this is an investment in your future career) – and I will choose one writer to receive a scholarship place for free. I’m asking all entrants to submit a chapter of their work, plus complete a personal statement outlining their goals for their writing. It all sounds very serious, but this way people who are really determined to be writers will stand out. I can’t promise you a publishing deal (I wish I could!) but I can promise you will learn about yourself as a writer, hone your craft and put yourself in the best possible place to pursue your dream.

So, are you up for a year of awesome writing adventure? 

To enter, download the application form HERE and send it with
ONE chapter of your work to:



5 responses to “Could YOU be one of my FUTURE STARS?

  1. YESSS!!! I am so excited!!! xxx thank you for making someones dreams come true- even if it eventually turns out not to be mine! xx

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  3. Is there was an age you have to be to apply? I’m just under a month away from turning 18! xx

  4. Just about done with my application!

  5. Hi Miranda,
    Sounds like a brilliant opportunity!
    My chapters are very short (around 1k) – shall I still just send the first or are there any guidelines re wordcount?
    Thank you!

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