F.A.Qs: Do you write chick-lit?

This is one of the questions I am asked most often – here is my response.

2 responses to “F.A.Qs: Do you write chick-lit?

  1. Well said, Miranda!
    As long as the story rattles along and the characters pull you in, then the genre or tag is immaterial.

  2. Hello Miranda, you might remember me (Foxy) from MWC. Anyway, I wrote a chick-lit novel without knowing it. It was only when it started receiving reviews on Amazon pointing out it was like chick-lit but with a male protagonist that I realised. Since then, I have read a few chick-lit novels and I’ve enjoyed them. So, does it bother me to labeled as a chick-lit author? Not one bit. As long as people enjoy my work, they can call it what they want.

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