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San Francisco – The Golden Gate Bridge

I’m posting a photo (or set of photos) each day, telling you about the location and where you can expect to find it in Book 5! And even though my new book is waiting for its title, you can actually pre-order it here (Waterstones) and here (The Book Depository) – I know, how crazy is that?

Today, let me introduce you to the stunningly gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge

GG 1

During our stay in San Francisco, we saw this amazing structure from many angles – here (above) from the viewing point at the head of The Presidio National Park, on a boat going underneath it, walking by the side of it at West Bluff (where the bridge joins the land), peeking through the houses and buildings at it from high up on Alamo Park (more on that soon) and at the end of streets as we climbed up San Francisco hills on the cable cars.


It’s very strange to see it for real after seeing it in so many photos, TV programmes and films and I wasn’t prepared for how beautiful it would be. Often, the tops of its towers are shrouded in mist which hangs across the San Francisco Bay and makes the mountains look as if they are rising out of the clouds. But this day was really clear and the views were stunning.


And, of course, you have to attempt the comedy bridge shot photo… (Taken from West Bluff – one of our favourite places.)

The Golden Gate Bridge features in Book 5 several times – but it’s when Nell returns home to London that its significance really comes into its own… Watch this space for what happens when it does!

More tomorrow. Let me know what you think – leave a comment! xx