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San Francisco – Cable Cars!

I’m posting a photo (or set of photos) each day, telling you about the location and where you can expect to find it in Book 5! And even though my new book is waiting for its title, you can actually pre-order it here (Waterstones) and here (The Book Depository) – I know, how crazy is that?

Today, I’d like to show you San Francisco’s famous cable cars

Cable car 1

These little wooden cars have become iconic and they are so much fun to travel on. The best thing (apart from hanging on the outside which Bob and I did – terrifyingly good fun!) is the banter that the blokes who work the cars share all the way. This is the Powell/Market Street turntable and although the queues were quite long, it was worth the wait!

Cable car 2

A little bit of safety there… (although the hanging on around curves wasn’t far off what it actually felt like – these cars are fast!)

Cable car 3

Inside, everyone was smiling. But then, that seems to happen a lot in San Francisco. On the way back everyone was smiling apart from a very irate New York lady who objected to waiting. (Everyone else was smiling at her…)

Cable car 4

The end of the journey at lovely Fisherman’s Wharf, with the San Francisco Bay and blue mountains of Marin County beyond. Gorgeous! The cable cars will feature in Book 5 during Nell’s first week in San Francisco when her cousin Lizzie takes her sightseeing – watch this space for what happens!

More tomorrow – leave me a comment! xx