Introducing: WriteFoxy 2021!

Are you a writer? Have you been writing for a long time, or are you just starting out? Or is this the year you want to start your writing adventure? I am proud to announce a brand new initiative from WriteFoxy that’s for ALL writers, completely FREE.


I want to support writers this year with encouragement, inspiration and advice to get the best out of your writing and help you fall back in love with your words.

Writing anything right now is a challenge. We’re hard enough on ourselves at the best of times, but under the pressures we currently face, we have never needed positivity and encouragement like we need it today.

So this year, I’m offering a free service to all writers: FOXY NOTES!

How It Works

Three times a week, you will receive a little nugget of foxiness from me in your inbox:

69FD67DC-693A-4A66-947E-CCE96BD56F7DMonday – INSPIRATION: ideas, encouragement and a bit of a boost to start your writing week.

E9CDEAA6-EB48-4ADA-9DDD-354732A97310Wednesday – TIPS & TRICKS: practical advice for all aspects of writing, from overcoming blocks to building character, pace and plot into your story, editing tips and more.

BD304F17-80A0-4702-B41C-99E3C828D9ACFriday – DREAM DEN: inspiration to get you thinking of the bigger picture, be kind to your mind and give you a great big cheer to celebrate everything you’ve achieved during the week.

Each email will only be a few paragraphs, just a little woo-hoo to spur you on!

But here’s the best bit: if you’re stuck, if there’s a specific problem you’re wrangling or if you’d just like to say hello, you can reply to any of the Foxy Notes emails and it comes straight to me – I will get back to you as soon as I can. I can’t read manuscripts or do long consultations (I offer paid services to cover these) but if you need a bit of advice or a friendly reply, I’m happy to do that for you.


When I started writing my first novel, Fairytale of New York, I couldn’t afford to go on any writing courses or sign up for writing weekends and conferences. I knew no other writers and keeping going with nobody to advise me or encourage me was really tough. I want WriteFoxy 2021 to be available to anyone, anywhere, regardless of how long you’ve been writing and what you can and can’t afford. I believe there are awesome stories that will come out of this strange time in our lives and I want to support writers to find them. If you fancy buying me a coffee at ko-fi, there’ll be a link included in all the Foxy Notes, but this is not expected at all. WriteFoxy 2021 Foxy Notes are and always will be free. 

I’m launching WriteFoxy 2021 Foxy Notes on Monday 25th January – whenever you join, you’ll get the latest one and go from there. You can unsubscribe any time using the link at the bottom of each email and this sign-up is ONLY for FoxyNotes – I will never send you anything else or pass your details on to anybody else. 

So, are you ready to get some foxiness in your 2021? Sign up below!

SIGN UP FOR WriteFoxy 2021 Foxy Notes HERE! 

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