I wanted to do something a bit special to thank all of my lovely readers, Twitter followers and Facebook lovelies this Christmas. It’s been delayed a little by THE LURGI (boo), but here it is…

A Parcel for Anna Browne by Miranda Dickinson


ANNA BROWNE from my latest novel, A Parcel for Anna Browne, is throwing a special VIRTUAL WURDY-CHARACTER CHRISTMAS PARTY that will be serialised over next week (starting Monday 14th and running till Friday 18th, with an extra-sparkly omnibus edition on Saturday 19th).

All of my characters from all seven of my novels are eligible to attend – but here’s what makes it really special: YOU will decide who comes to the party! I’ll post a Twitter poll every day here and will post the options on my Facebook Author Page here, too.

Every day, I’ll write a new bit of the story and post it here, on my website – then, on Saturday, you’ll be able to download the entire short story for FREE from here.

It’s going to be lots of fun – and I’ll be writing it in real time, so the story will completely be steered by you and the choices you make!

Ready for some fun?

Tell me the first TWO characters who will arrive at Anna Browne‘s party:

Fairy Tale of New York

  • From Fairytale of New YorkRosie Duncan, Ed Steinmann, Marnie Andersson, Zac the Fit Guy, Nate, Celia, Stewart, Mimi Sutton… PICK ONE and comment below or tweet me using the hashtag #WurdyParty



Welcome to My World

  • From Welcome to My WorldHarri Langton, Alex Brannan, Viv Brannan, Chelsea, Emily, Ethel Bincham, the Stone Yardley WI ladies… PICK ONE and comment below or tweet me using the hashtag #WurdyParty



GET YOUR VOTES IN BY 8PM (GMT) TOMORROW EVENING (13th Dec) and the very first instalment will be posted here on MONDAY, together with the next character poll! Ever wondered what your favourite character is doing these days? This is your chance to find out!

Let’s have some fun, lovelies! xx


3 responses to “A BIG, SPARKLY SURPRISE…

  1. I think Celia and Emily!

  2. Rosie Duncan and Ed Steinmann should be first guests at Anna party please.

    Love all your characters and the books. Look forward to this story a lovely Christmas present to your fans.

    Wishing you and your family a happy Christmas xx

  3. Rosie and Alex

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