Miranda Writes 31 – Could YOU appear in Book 7?

All this year, I am keeping a video diary about writing and publishing my sixth novel, I’ll Take New York. This week, I have an amazing competition for you…

I also have another exclusive extract from  I’ll Take New York

I’ve been offering opportunities for my readers to #getinvolved with my books for three years now and I love the way your suggestions spark ideas that feed into my stories. But I’ve never offered a competition like this before. I’ve written a couple of real-life lovelies into my books in the past, but never opened this up to everyone. But I’ve decided to do it now as my way of saying thank you – not just for supporting me and my books for six years, but also for coming with me as I move publishers at the end of this year. Book 7 – Anna Browne’s amazing story – will be my first book for Pan Macmillan and the beginning of a new era for my writing.

So please watch the vlog and then tell me why YOU should join Anna in her story. Leave a comment below or tweet me (using the hashtag #getinvolved). Go for it!

2 responses to “Miranda Writes 31 – Could YOU appear in Book 7?

  1. What a wonderful idea. This feels a bit selfish but as they say, you gotta try things in life!!

    I don’t want to nominate me, I want to nominate my Daughter, Chelsea. I know….It’s a different name!

    I have been ill for the last 12 months and pretty much bed bound for that time. She is also housebound with agoraphobia since she was 12. She turns 21 on the 24 September this year and I feel awful that I haven’t been able to be a Mum to her and give her the love and help she needs.

    Ihave been trying to think of something different to show her how much she means to me, and this seems great.

    She has read Take a Look at me Now and loved it.

    Sorry this is a sob story, and it’s not lies or to pull on heart strings…but you did ask to explain why 🙂 I could warble on for ages but I won’t haha.

    Love your work. Thanks for the fun and escapism


  2. Hi Miranda. I visited New York for a special birthday a few years ago, i fell in love with the city.My sister bought me your book I’ll Take New York for me, as a part of a christmas present as i started to read your book i felt i was reading about myself and what had happened to me over the years with my boyfriend he was so like Otis. yeah i had a few tears but your book let me believe there was hope.
    Im going to get more of your books as i really enjoyed the one i’ve just read.
    Looking forward to book 7.
    Thank you


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