San Francisco: Meet Eric!

I’m posting a photo (or set of photos) each day, telling you about the location and where you can expect to find it in Book 5! And even though my new book is waiting for its title, you can actually pre-order it here (Waterstones) and here (The Book Depository) – I know, how crazy is that?

Today, I wanted to introduce you to Eric

It's Eric

I don’t know if his name is Eric, but in Book 5 that’s what he will be known as…

Those of you who know my books well will know there is always an Eric in them. I have a reason for this, but it’s secret. (A bit like Richard Curtis films always have a Bernard in them…) Most of the time Eric is a fleeting character, like the New Year’s Eve gig organiser in It Started With a Kiss or Danny’s uncle who operates the deck chair hire on Brighton Beach in When I Fall in LoveFor Book 5, Eric is the rather crazy unicyclist at Pier 39 in Fisherman’s Wharf.

The actual man you see is originally from the UK and performs a crazy routine of juggling on unicycles every hour. The unicycles gradually get taller and the things he juggles become more dangerous. The largely American crowd loved him – we heard their whooping and cheers before we saw who it was for.

So, Eric in Book 5 is a friend of Nell’s cousin Lizzie (who she stays with in San Francisco). When he meets Nell, he invites her and Lizzie to come and see one of his Pier 39 shows. And it is while she is watching the show that she first lays eyes on a gorgeous stranger who is about to become so much more…

More tomorrow! Leave me a comment to let me know what you think and what you’d like to see (I have a lot of photos to choose from…) xx

3 responses to “San Francisco: Meet Eric!

  1. Loving the updates but feel bad that I’ve read all your books and not noticed all the Eric’s !! Promise to pay more attention in future! 😉 x

  2. Wow, fabulous! I’ve read all your books so far, but didn’t realise about Eric. I shall just have to read them again to spot him!

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