When I Fall in Love – It’s P-DAY!!!

This year I’m taking you behind the scenes of writing, editing and publishing my fourth novel, When I Fall in Love. This week, my lovely fourth book baby is finally released into the world as we reach P-DAY!
ImageI had a fantastic book launch event for competition winners at the amazing Fortnum & Mason Ice Cream Parlour – you won’t believe the size of the ice creams! Then I visited the lovely AVON team and recorded an episode of BookD podcast at HarperCollins HQ. It was a brilliant couple of days and of course I took my video camera with me…

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is my very exciting P-DAY VLOG (with added JLS… sort of)

p.s. This week’s YouTube-nominated freeze frame is entitled: 

‘Things That Make You Go OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH’

p.p.s. Music on the vlog is ‘You Got It’ which will be available soon!

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