When I Fall In Love

When I Fall in Love cover

When I Fall In Love, my fabulous new novel, was published in the UK on 8th November. Read a taster below:

What happens when your happy ever after is suddenly and painfully taken away from you? Elsie Maynard has a whole new life she never expected to have.

From inadvertently founding a choir like no other with former 80s rock star Woody Jensen, to daring to date again, Elsie steps out into an unknown future – a future that could include gorgeous designer Olly Hogarth, a man who seems intent on winning her heart.

Overcoming problems, challenges and the occasional frustration – namely overconfident Torin Stewart who seems to be everywhere – Elsie believes she is making the most of her life.

But then a heartfelt request brings her to Paris – and the last item on a very important List.

Can Elsie take the final step and lay her past to rest? Join Elsie as she strives to start again, with the help of an eclectic, newly-formed singing group and her father and sisters’ attempts to help her find love.

Buy When I Fall in Love from Amazon here and Waterstones here .

2 responses to “When I Fall In Love

  1. Absolutly love this book, It definatly pulled on my heartstring’s (plus made me blubber quite abit) as Elsie move’s on with her life.
    Fabulous 🙂

  2. Well! I absolutely LOVED this book, which I read/listened to, as part of a free trial on Audible, approximately two years ago; loved the narration, which really brought the characters to life. As trial books disappear after the trial period, I lost the title and (sorry, Miranda…) could not recall the author. Customer Services at Audible could not help me to find it, as it did not appear in my records. Anyway…I had almost given up, when I just found it looking at similar books!

    What I remember most about this book is that – imho – the way it ended, though realistic, warranted a next instalment. I would love to pick up on Elsie and Torin’s story, in the future, Miranda (BIG hint, hint…).

    Thank you for a wonderful, funny and poignant story.


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