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#Wurdy5k Treat Three: Short Story – Love, Loss and Coffee Cake

I promised on Twitter that when I reached 5,000 followers, I would do something very special. So, welcome to #WURDY5k – five days of exclusive treats to say thank you for your support!

For your third treat, I have Love, Loss & Coffee Cake – a short story written about my much beloved characters Auntie Mags and Uncle Dudley from my third novel, It Started With a Kiss. I touch a little on their story in the book, but wanted to tell it from Mags’ point of view, long before the book begins. It’s one of the stories I’m most proud of and I really hope you enjoy it. Click the cover to download the story for free, with my thanks!

Love, Loss and Coffee Cake cover

Watch out for your fourth #WURDY5k treat tomorrow…

#Wurdy5k Treat Two: Short Story – Son of the City

I promised on Twitter that when I reached 5,000 followers, I would do something very special. So, welcome to #WURDY5k – five days of exclusive treats to say thank you for your support!

For your second treat, here is Son of the City – a story I wrote for my friends at Gallery Church, Birmingham about how hope can be found in the hardest situations. Click on the cover to download it for free, with my love!


Hope you enjoy the story! Watch out for your third #WURDY5k treat tomorrow…

#Wurdy5k Treat One: Short Story – New York Spring

I promised on Twitter that when I reached 5,000 followers, I would do something very special. So, welcome to #WURDY5k – five days of exclusive treats to say thank you for your support!

For your first treat, here is New York Spring – a nostalgic New York story with a hint of mystery that I wrote for the lovely Sabine Edwards as part of the Authors For Japan auction. Click the cover to download it free, with my thanks!

New York Spring by

Hope you enjoy the story! Watch out for your second #WURDY5k treat tomorrow…


And the winners of the New Rose Prize 2013 are…

This year’s New Rose Prize saw entries across five categories: Literary, Crime, Young Adult, Romantic Comedy and First Chapter. And, after much deliberation, the judges have made their decision…


Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who entered for sharing their work with us. It is no mean feat to put your work ‘out there’, but we appreciate the effort and bravery of all our entrants this year. Secondly, a massive thank you to our wonderful judging panel: Jamie Guiney, Mel Sherratt, Tamsyn Murray (and me!)

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the New Rose Prize 2013:

The LITERARY New Rose Prize 2013 winner is… 100 QUESTIONS by Josefine Ejebjork

The CRIME New Rose Prize 2013 winner is… THE ENCOUNTER by Holly Foster

The YA New Rose Prize 2013 winner is… COUNSELOR IN TRAINING by Lisa Bambrick


and, finally…

The FIRST CHAPTER New Rose Prize 2013 winner is… FLOORED by Katie Marsh

A massive congratulations to all our winners, who I will be contacting in the next week with details of their prizes. I will publish their winning entries on my Coffee and Roses blog next week.

New Rose Prize – Our 2011 Winner’s Story

The judging for this year’s NEW ROSE PRIZE is underway and our judges are hard at work. But what is it like to win? I asked the first year’s winner, NAOMI FRISBY, to share her experience of winning New Rose Prize 2011…

My big, pink suitcase was sitting in the hallway, packed in three layers – shoes, summer clothes, books – ready for a week in Spain. I was sitting on the sofa, laptop open, ready to press send.

Earlier in the week, I’d noticed The New Rose Prize listed on an arts e-newsletter I subscribed to. I only had one story short enough to qualify for entry; it’d already gathered a number of rejections from literary magazines but the competition was free and another failure to place wasn’t going to make a lot of difference. I didn’t think I had a hope of getting anywhere – Miranda Dickinson was a romantic fiction writer, why would she be interested in my bleak literary fiction?

A few weeks later, I was standing in our department office, phone in hand, when it vibrated. A new email. ‘Congratulations, you’ve been shortlisted for the New Rose Prize for fiction’. I read the email to the others in the office, rang a friend, emailed the writer who’d been my university tutor, walked the length of the school telling friends in other departments and posted the news on Facebook.

On the day the winner was to be announced, I was also at work. Miranda had scheduled her post for 12pm, at which time 28 Y9s would be sitting in front of me studying a short story themselves. I timed the lesson so they were doing a task at the crucial moment and positioned myself in front of the classroom computer. Refresh. Nothing. Refresh. Nothing. Refresh. Argh! It was me! And right that moment, I couldn’t tell anyone.

As soon as the lesson was over, I ran down the corridor to my then head of department’s classroom and shouted the news at her. I spent my lunch break texting, emailing and updating Facebook. The feedback from friends and family was lovely. But the feedback from people I’d never met was even better.

People who didn’t know me, who were published writers themselves, liked my story. Miranda Dickinson liked my story. Jamie Guiney said he looked forward to reading more of my work in the future. Maybe I really could be a writer.

The main part of the prize was a weekend at one of Ruth Saberton’s writing retreats in gorgeous Polperro, Cornwall. Ruth was enormously generous with both her time and her resources. After writing a number of short stories, I was attempting (and still am!) to write a novel. My plotting wasn’t sharp enough – Ruth talked me through a number of tools she used and gave me copies of them. She also copied a huge folder of documents to help with submitting to agents, including her own letters, synopses and CV. Ruth’s still the only person outside of my university writing workshop to have read my work in progress and her feedback on that was enormously helpful.

What did winning The New Rose Prize mean for me? It meant that other writers believed in me and in turn that meant I believed in myself. I’m still unpublished but it’s given me the confidence to keep going until the day I can remove the ‘un’.

Thanks to Naomi for sharing her story! We will be announcing the winners of this year’s New Rose Prize soon – keep watching for the latest news…

Miranda Writes 9: Enter The New Rose Prize 2013!

All this year I will be documenting the writing, editing and publishing of my fifth novel, giving you a unique, behind-the-scenes look at my life as a writer. This week, I’ll tell you all about my writing competition for unpublished writers, The New Rose Prize 2013 and bring you exciting details of my sparkly online writing course, which is coming soon…

2013 will see the return of The New Rose Prize for unpublished writers! I’m extending the competition this year to include separate prizes for Crime, Literary, Romantic Comedy and YA short stories, plus for the first time I’m adding a First Chapter award for the most impressive first chapter of a novel (open genre). I’m so excited to be bringing this competition back after a cracking opening year in 2011, which was won by Naomi Frisby. There is a stellar line-up of judges and awesome prizes. Submissions will open on WEDNESDAY 8th MAY and close on Saturday 31st August, with the shortlist announced on 6th September and winners announced on 20th September.

My judges are: TAMSYN MURRAY for the YA Prize, MEL SHERRATT for the Crime Prize, JAMIE GUINEY for the Literary Fiction Prize and I’ll be judging both the Romantic Comedy Prize and the First Chapter Award.

The announcement of the official opening for submissions, plus all the entry details for New Rose Prize 2013 will be published HERE at 1PM on WEDNESDAY 8TH MAY – so make sure you check back then!

I’ll tell you more in this week’s vlog below – enjoy!

p.s. This week’s YouTube-nominated freeze-frame is entitled, ‘New Summer Hat’…

Merry Christmas everyone!

I can hardly believe Christmas is here! Bring on the mince pies, twinkle lights and The Muppet Christmas Carol!

And, of course, Christmas is a time for PRESSIES – so here are two especially for you! Thank you so much for all your love, support and friendship this year, for buying, reading and spreading the word about When I Fall in Love and for being brilliant!

So – pressie number one is a little something to bop around the Christmas tree to. Michael Bublé has one, so does James Taylor, (and the less said about Rod Stewart’s the better), so here’s my very own collection of Christmas tunes especially for you! (Click on the image below to go to the free download)

Sparkly Christmas Medley EP cover

Pressie number 2 is a very special, magical story for the festive season. Find out what happens when one woman receives a surprise guest… (Click on the image below to read the story – you can download it free, too!)

The Christmas Window by Miranda Dickinson

Happy Christmas and look out for lots of exciting stuff coming soon! xx