It Started With A Kiss

It Started With a KissJoin our heroine Romily as she discovers how far she will go to find the man of her dreams.

As the singer in a wedding band, Romily Parker has seen her fair share of happy endings, even though her own love life isn’t quite as simple.

On the last Saturday before Christmas, (shortly after disastrously declaring her love for best friend Charlie), Romily has a brief encounter with a handsome stranger whose heart-stopping kiss changes everything.

Determined to find him again, Romily embarks on a yearlong quest, helped (and sometimes hindered) by enthusiastic Uncle Dudley, cake-making Auntie Mags and flamboyant Wren.

Will she find the man of her dreams? Or could true love be closer than she thinks?

The ONLY book that you’ll want to curl up with this winter – perfect for fans of Jill Mansell and Sophie Kinsella.

Read a sample here or buy from Amazon here.

42 responses to “It Started With A Kiss

  1. Just finished reading this book.. I can’t even let the book go off my hand this whole week! Its amazing :DD i even cried when it comes to the last chap, too happy i guess 🙂 best novel so far !

  2. Lindsey Middleton

    I really enjoyed this book it made me feel part of the story and its a book that i couldnt put down. Now started Fairytale of new york cant wait to get stuck into the book like i did with this one.

  3. Hey! I finished reading this book today and I really enjoyed it! I want to tell you a little story. Like Romily in this book, I am also searching for a young man I met six months ago at a party in a different city than I live in. Unfortunately, we didn’t change our numbers or anything and I regret it. I found people who are putting flyers up in his city in the next days/weeks. Fortunately, I know some details about him like his pre name and what he’s studying etc but it is a really big city (actually it’s Berlin) and I really don’t know if I will find him. 2 weeks before Christmas I went to a bookshop because I wanted to buy a new book for reading. I really had no idea which kind of book I wanted to read, I just looked through the shelves and suddenly I found “It started with a kiss” in the German version. I read its summary and I thought “wow, what a fluke” and I bought it. Your book gives me the strength to believe in what I am doing. I have many doubts, my best friend thinks it’s not realistic and even if I would find him, what would happen next, then?
    I know Romily is a virtual character and the whole story is virtual but in your book you wrote that people should follow the calling of their heart and this is what I do. I hope you are reading this! I just wanted to tell you about my similar story. I loved reading this book! You are a great author! Yours Marion from Germany.

  4. I’ve just finished this book and loved it! Thanks for such a heart-warming tale. I believe in love-at-first-sight, and have been fortunate enough to experience the hand of fate at work in my life – twice – just like Romily! Although my story has had a different ending, I loved the fact that Romily found her Will and lived happily ever after. You are an inspirational author, and have made me smile today. Thank you 🙂

  5. have just finished reading this book, i absolutely loved it! best book ive read in a long time! i loved the ending so much, especially the list of cakes from auntie mags, and what cake you should have for each mood! i would love to see this made into a film, (richard curtis take note!) would also love a sequel to this too!

  6. ps a sequel would be really interesting to see how things went with Wren and D’Wayne, and Jack and Sophies wedding, and maybe the pinstripes landing a record deal!

    • I_Love_Your_Books

      I agree with you 1000%!
      I really want to read about Jack and Sophies wedding and see them land a record deal. Oh, and see how D’Wayne and Wrench are going.

  7. So i first read this book at the beginning of 2012, while I was in London. I love the main character of Romily, So optimistic and strong (though she has no idea!) she makes you want to live everyday with a broad smile and a “we can do it” mantra chant!

    I really enjoyed the book and hope to read the others written by you. i recently passed this book to my older sister and she loved it just as much and got her to be optimistic and brought a bright smile to her face, so thank you.

  8. I have just finished it started with a kiss and it has really touched a nerve (in a good way). It has been a truly insperational and very enjoyable read! I am just coming up to my 29th birthday and feel I want to embark on my own quest – not in the same way as romily, as i am already happily married and convinced fate bought him to me:) but I have things in my life that need to be sorted out and feel this year is very significant! I’m also thinking of doing a blog to drum up support and encourage others with my own personal challenge so watch this space! Thank you Miranda for a lovely book can’t wait for the next one! Xxx

  9. Julie Hodgkinson

    Loved, loved loved this book. Read it in a day as I couldn’t put it down! Loved the twist at the end, and the romance was perfect!

  10. A fantastic read. It was refreshing, exciting and romantic and proof that a good novel doesn’t need foul language or explicit sex scenes! I wanted it to continue. It would be great if it could lead to a sequel

  11. I’ve just finished it started with a kiss and I think its the best book you’ve written so far. I think the plot was fantastic and kept me guessing tilll the end, I got caught up in the book and each of its characters and didn’t want the story to end. Your books are so uplifting and romantic that each time I finish a book I feel inspired to make the most of life and that is a true gift. I look forward to reading your latest book.

  12. I have just finished this book & loved it. I am reading your books back to front having read number 4 first & now number 3. I am about to start number 2 & looking to buy number 1. I like the fact they are down to earth not full of sex & romance just a bloody good read. I take it with me on the bus & get annoyed when my stop arrives as I have to put my book away. Cannot wait for number 5. Keep writing these lovely books please x x

  13. Amazing book!!! Couldn’t put it down therefore I read it in one day!!! Would love to see a sequel!!! xxx

  14. I loved the book (and, yes, I too read it in a day!) – the only think that confused me was that Will’s photo was on Romily’s blog and Issie was clearly reading it, so why didn’t she see that the PK was Will much earlier on?

  15. I_Love_Your_Books

    I live and breath romance stories.
    This books array definately my favourites. All the drama and emotion.

    The twists and turns. I Love Your Books Miranda and hope you keep on writing till were all old and wrinkly

  16. This book was tge best book ive ever read it was an amazing story enjoyed it 100% .I had tears in my eyes on last chapter

  17. Which book should I read next after it started with a kiss…? Is there any particular order that your books should be read in. X

  18. Hi Miranda, I’ve just finished reading ‘It Started with a Kiss’, having read all your other books (albeit not in the published order!). I definitely enjoyed this one the most and was desperate to find out the ending! Loved Auntie Mags, Uncle Dudley and the cakes too! What was most refreshing for me (also living in Kingswinford, well, Wall Heath to be precise!) was the setting. How wonderful that you celebrated our much ignored, and sometimes maligned West Midlands. I could tell you were writing about somewhere you knew and held dear. Personally I never relate as well to books set in the USA, as I have no frame of reference to any places there. More set in the UK pleeeeeese!
    One tiny question – why did you choose a picture of London (which really only featured in the last couple of chapters) for the front cover? A picture of the Birmingham German Christmas market, Cannock Chase or Cannon Hill Park would have been lovely!
    Looking forward to getting ‘Take a Look at me Now’ with my Christmas money!

    • Hi Ro

      So glad you enjoyed It Started With a Kiss!

      I didn’t choose the front cover image and when I saw it was London I tried my hardest to change it – but authors get very little say in covers these days, I’m afraid. Of course it should have been Birmingham – I just hope that the story being set there was enough to make up for the fact that I couldn’t change my publishers’ minds!

      M xx

  19. Well, after paying £2 for “It started with a kiss” on Monday, 30/12/13, I started reading it New Years Day evening. Glass of wine and box of choc’s, snuggled up in bed I opened the book. 3 pages in, wine and choc’s forgotten and me, totally hooked. I couldn’t put the book down. I have just finished it now, 5.30 the day after I started reading it. Am now off to download the rest of Miranda Dickinson’s books from Amazon. My new favourite author. Thank you 🙂

  20. P.S Loved the fact that it was set so close to my home town! Virtually just up the road. Cannock Chase is in my brothers neighbourhood.

  21. Literally just finished reading this book, absolutely amazing! I started tearing up at the last chapter and that doesn’t happen often for me with books! Really wish the characters were used in other books though. I got really attached to Romily and her friends – also wish there had been more about this hunky will!

  22. Thank you very much for this book ( It started with a kiss ). I read 2 days and my husband was a little restless, always looking after me ( oh you are still reading :-)) ) I love the band, Aunt Mags, Uncle Dudley and the end,
    it was really a surprise.!! Many greetings from Germany and all the best in 2014. Enny

  23. I want to buy the signed copy so badly but sadly I live in canada and the shipping costs would be a ton :S I have Welcome to my world, Fairytale of new york, and When I fall inlove and im looking to buy this later 🙂 You’re books are amazing by the way! 🙂 I love the covers too ❤

  24. Just finished It Started with a Kiss for the second time! I love the characters, especially Romily. Like some of the other fans, I would love a sequel to see what happens with Dwayne and Wren and also to see how Charlie copes with the whole situation.

  25. Found Welcome to My World in a thrift shop in Toronto ON Canada read it and donated it back beacase the previous owner left a lot of chocolate fingerprints. Found it started With a Kiss and will pass this on to a friend because it is fingerprint free. I really enjoyed this one. I was hoping for some cake recipes at the end of the book and came on here trying to find the song from chapter 8. Now I am going to buy your first book from an actual bookstore and I look forward to reading more. I like that your books are based all over gives me a chance to travel along with your characters. Thanks.

  26. just finished reading it started with a kiss, i was hooked. almost missed my stop on the bus several times cos i was too occupied reading and didnt want to stop! haha i loved the ending and especially loved that it was set in birmingham, my home town! i could picture everything, about time brum had something good set in it! hehe. i wanted more, i didnt want it to end, as others have mentioned id love a sequel!! xx

  27. I just finish reading your book and I would just like so say I love this book so much I couldn’t put it down. I even laught out lound on a bus Because I got lost inside and forgot where I was lol and I do a lot of travelling so I need to have a good book to read. So thank you for making my journing joyable. You are a great author. I can’t wait to read the others I know am late reading them but better late than never I say. 😊 x

  28. I’m only half way through your book and i am so addicted to it. i just enjoy romily’s observations, she notices every little detail. i am enjoying your book and i don’t want it to end.

  29. Hi, just finished reading, really enjoyed it. I live in Kingsbury so all places mentioned are familiar, including the row of shops where Auntie Mags teashop would be located ..

  30. Hi, just finished reading, great book. I live in Kingsbury so the places you mentioned are familiar to me including the row of shops where Aunt Mags tearoom would be …

  31. I have just finished reading this book and I couldn’t stop! I live in a little village next to Kingsbury but actually lived in Kingsbury most of my life and know all the areas you’ve mentioned in this book, Cannock Chase, Stourbridge and the market and it’s great. Thank you so much. Am looking forward to reading the rest of your books x

  32. Literally just finished reading this book with happy tears falling down my cheeks. I bought your book about a few months ago but sadly was so distracted with my own life I procrastinated like crazy. I am going through my own little struggle of finding that special someone at the moment. And to be honest , it felt like your book reached out to me and made sure I finished reading it. I’m glad I did because Rom’s’ story gave me hope. It was something I needed especially today. Thank you Miranda for sharing hope.

  33. I absolutely love this book. Full of hope but so real. Thank you for giving me Romily and her quest. Whatever will I do now.

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